Hello, I’m Kelly. I’ve teamed up with Ride Tour Explore because my passions are human anatomy and physiology, training and creating recipes that coincide with my training. My role is to provide you with valuable guidance on your training, nutrition and any unfortunate injuries. You might even meet me out on a few of the rides!

Nutrition – why it’s important: Eating and drinking correctly when training and completing your ride with RTE can mean the difference between success and failure.

Sample menus and nutritional guidance, (which include pre and post training meal recipes) will help you get the most from your training sessions and aid your recovery.

My recipes focus on providing you with natural, satisfying and easy to digest meals that enable you to feel strong, healthy and allow for maximum performance. They are; free from refined sugars, often plant based and “greener” alternatives to your manufactured/processed favourites.

Human anatomy and physiology – why it’s important: Cycling long distances requires a strong body and mind. Long roads, hills and the elements combined with repetitive leg movement and being sat in the same position for long periods of time can seriously challenge even the human body.

My Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy has enabled me to understand the body’s common areas of strength and weakness in a range of sports. Sharing my experience with you will enable you to understand your body better, develop your weaknesses, recover faster and prevent unnecessary injury.

Training – why it’s important: RTE’s rides and support are designed to get you through a tough and worthwhile challenge but how much you enjoy the rides can rely on your preparation and training.

My job as a CrossFit Instructor and passion for endurance events, has taught me a plethora of training techniques that are adaptable to almost every sport. For example, cyclists often neglect or aren’t aware of the benefit to complimenting their training with strength based or flexibility workouts which can be ideal replacements when it’s too cold or wet to ride.

I offer varied and tailored levels of support to all of my clients. When you sign up for any Ride Tour Explore event, you’ll receive a foundation package in your welcome pack that includes details on the essentials. If you would like more support I will provide you with a consultation for bespoke services.

  • The foundation package includes:
    A training guide including cycling, strength and flexibility workouts
  • Details on the importance of recovery
  • A selection of pre and post workout recipes
  • Tasty and nutritious samples

I will uncover secrets and the importance of vitamins in each meal and what you should be aiming to consume within each meal, whether that is fluid or solids.

Kelly Hedley